'Dylan Howitt’s poetic documentary can be counted as one of the best cinematic surprises of 2023'

Film Review Daily


‘Poignant and moving, meditative and weirdly hypnotic. A really lovely film, almost like a fairy tale except that it's all true. The Nettle Dress will take you out of yourself, put you in a different place and make you appreciate life.’

Mark Kermode, Kermode and Mayo's Take


'One hour and eight minutes of pure soul nourishment'



'An achingly beautiful and contemplative story'

Readers Digest


'A moving story exquisitely told...a perfect little gem'

The Arts Desk


'Captured with a lyrical sensitivity'

The Guardian

'A deep love story for our time'

Resurgence and Ecologist

'I wondered if Nettle had ever been used to make cloth, and if so how?'

The Big Issue

'This mythic endeavour combines skilful craft with rich ideas '

Dark Mountain